Member Info

We are excited to have you as members of the Almaden Cabana Club. This information provides you with a brief introduction into the amenities, events, and other coordinated activities available to you as members of the club. There are so many things to do and so many ways to use our club; we hope we can just scratch the surface with this short introduction. As you spend many years with the club you will see how much you and your family can benefit from your membership.

In addition to the amenities available to you within the facilities, the club also sponsors a great number of social events during the year. Learn more about getting to know your neighbors here.

Types of Membership

  • Proprietary: Members within the designated cabana club area. (There are approximately 415 of these homes.)
  • Associate: Includes all amenities of the club, plus access to join our swim team, the Almaden Dolphins.
  • Annual: Includes all amenities and activities of the club, but are ineligible to join the swim team.

Membership Dues for 2018
Dues are due on January 31.

  • Proprietary Members: $425
  • Associate Members and Annual Members: $700
    Click here to submit your interest in becoming a new associate or annual member.

Payments should be sent to
Almaden Cabana Club
PO Box 20313
San Jose, CA 95160

Please note: Before you or anyone in your family can use the pool, or register to join the swim team, you must complete and submit the Signature Sheet and Emergency Contact forms.

The Almaden Cabana Club is a non-profit corporation. Charter By Laws and CC&R regulations were last updated April 27, 2010. Read them in full here.