The Almaden Cabana Club is an ideal location for many different types of events – from children’s birthday parties, company picnics, school graduation parties, and even the occasional wedding reception – at a fraction of the cost you would expect from most party venues.

The facility offers two spacious picnic areas for rent by the club’s membership or those who receive sponsorship from a club member. A club member in good standing must make reservations and that member is required to be present for the duration of the scheduled event.

These areas, when reserved, are designated for use by the renting party for the duration of the scheduled event. Parties who reserve an will enjoy the shade provided by the trellis covering an area set away from the water, as well as access to the club’s pools.

Please familiarize yourself will all pool rules and reservation requirements.

Reservation Rental Area One
is perfect for larger parties (of up to 80 guests).
Picnic Rental Area Two
is perfect for smaller parties (of less than 50 guests). The area sits adjacent to the dive pool and the volleyball court, while also being near the sandbox play area for those looking to keep little ones occupied. (Note: volleyball court is not included in the rental.)

In addition to exclusive use of these areas, the registered party may make use of five (5) tables, twenty-five (25) chairs, and two (2) umbrellas belonging to the club. Parties requiring a larger number of these items should make arrangements to bring the appropriate number of additional chairs, tables, and umbrellas from outside the club at the renter’s expense. The Cabana Club staff does not currently facilitate the rental of additional chairs, tables, and umbrellas on behalf of its membership.

Reservation Types:

  • Reserved Parties: Reserved Parties are gatherings at the pool within standard hours for which arrangements have been made to reserve either Area One, the covered area nearest to the parking lot, or Area Two, the covered area adjacent to the diving pool. Reserved parties are limited to a maximum of 5 hours.
  • Extended Hours Parties: Extended Hours Parties are held outside of standard pool hours. For purposes of fees and use of club furnishings, Extended Hours Parties that begin as Reserved Parties will be treated as two separate events.
  • Impromptu Parties: Impromptu Parties are gatherings at the pool within standard hours. These parties may make use of all club facilities that have not been reserved or placed “off limits” by lifeguard staff. Non-members must register with the lifeguard staff, pay a daily membership fee of $3 and must be in the company of a club member.

Rental Fees

Reserved Extended
Members $3 $3
Guests $3 $3
Minimum Fee $50 $50
Deposit $50 $100
Lifeguard $15/hr per lifeguard

At the time you reserve your party:

  1. The $50 deposit must be paid at the time of reservation. Your party reservation will not be reserved until the $50 is paid.
  2. If the party is canceled, the $50 deposit will not be refunded.
  3. At the time of reservation, the party must estimate the number of people attending (guests and members) and make the payment based upon the number of people attending.  For example, if 50 people is the estimate – a payment of $150 is due prior to the date of the party.  There will be no refunds.
    If the Cabana staff believes that the estimated number of people attending is higher than the actual number that attending the party, the Cabana will reserve the right to charge extra guest fees.  The additional fees are due immediately.

Direct all reservation requests to:

Please note: Bookings are now closed for the 2017 season.